Monday, January 17, 2011

Noisy Day Off

The Boy's Day Off

The Boy had a day off today.  Even though he worked the first half of the day from home, and I actually have to work today, it's nice that he's home, sitting behind me, serenading me with his guitar playing and drumming.

He is not a guitar player. He's still learning. It's all scales and the same chords over and over that I hear. He is, however, a drummer and a very good one. But that isn't nearly as appealing for me because all I hear are drum sticks hitting rubber pads - playing out of the amp will cause the neighbors to file a noise complaint.

All the while, Hubert is snuggled in his bed snoring his lungs out.

...and then there's my sewing machine and hammering.

I'm surprised we haven't been evicted from the apartment from all the racket. :)

What did you do on your day off?


  1. Today is full of healing from yesterday's marathon and getting a new look. :) Love the picture!

  2. Marathon?! You guys are dedicated. Same with my brother. Go ya'll! :)

  3. slept way in:) then made breadfast/lunch for me and my boy, then just relaxing with Netflix :)

  4. That sounds fun. We love Netflix! We just upgraded to the 2 DVD at a time subscription. So addicted.