Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Running Out Fast

Brown and Grunge Gold are becoming quite the popular colors lately.  If you've had one of these bags in mind for the future, might want to pick it up now before it sells out!

Will I have more BROWN in the shop soon?

Yes, it's a slightly-distressed medium brown with a soft matte finish.  It is similar in color to the Coffee Bean except with a slight red tinge. It is soft like the Aztec II Brown.  It will be available in the Baby Ruche, Briefcase, and Clutch styles. If you'd like to order yours in early, message me on Etsy for details!

**  Update!!  **
Baby Ruche in Aztec II Brown Leather -  SOLD OUT
Clutch in Coffee Bean Leather - SOLD OUT
Clutch in Grunge Gold Leather - SOLD OUT

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