Friday, January 14, 2011

Wedding Inspiration: Part 1

Wedding Inspiration 001

Our wedding will be a fusion of our cultures, mine being Vietnamese and The Boy's being Indian - the two just mesh together so perfectly with all the reds, golds, and silks.

I'm getting super giddy about wedding planning now. The Boy is not as giddy --I'm not even sure he's feeling a smidgen of giddiness. This is probably a good time for me to start making more female friends...

It's OK though, I have YOU to share all my excitement and ideas with, right?? :)


  1. Oh are you thinking about doing cupcakes instead of the traditional wedding cake? That's my plan :)

    The colors are beautiful Jenny. Have fun with all the planning!

  2. Yesss! We are cupcake people so I really think cupcakes will represent us well. Plus, it's easier to serve and eat, right? Are you planning a wedding, too?? :) :)

  3. You're going to look mind-blowing in red and gold! Good luck with all the planning :)

    and please tell me you're going to let Hubert be the ring bearer!

  4. I really wanted Hubert to be involved, but if the ceremony part is held in an Indian temple, we won't be able to even bring Hubert!! :(

    Though I think we are thinking about finding a place where Hubert can be there, so it may not be bad. How cute would he look in a little silk tunic!!

  5. My side(Indian) and my husband's side (Korean) did not want to compromise any wedding traditions so we ended up having two completely separate weddings, months apart. Crazy, right? LOL. Anyway, good luck with the fusion. I bet it will be awesome and can't wait to see the photos.