Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Inspiration: Urban Outfitters

Images from Urban Outfitters

I like to be really efficient with finding inspiration for new designs and colors, so while I'm shopping/walking/driving/sleeping/cooking/eating/working out/showering, I take mental or physical notes of textures, colors, shapes and ideas that inspire me.

Remember the bubble skirt? That shape stuck with me forever, but I never liked it as a skirt. Though I still liked the shape of the bubble, so I made a mental note of it.

One day in my junior year of college, I was eating pot stickers and the pleats of the pot sticker intrigued me. I originally sketched a silhouette for a bag after the yummy dumpling. But, something was missing. It wasn't complete. The bottom was boring and flat.  At this point, my brain parses through nodes of memory where all the texture/shape mental notes are stored and out came that bubble skirt I remember loving.

That's how the Ruched Bag was born --which then reduced in size to the perfect-for-storing-everything-but-not-your-entire-life Baby Ruche Bag

Interesting to look back in hindsight on how things are created and what inspires them to be.

While internet shopping, I made some notes on colors and textures that spoke to me. I decided to share this inspiration with you so that in a few months or years, you'll see some of these colors and textures in my shop, and you'll be like, "Hey! I know how she came up with that! I saw it on  her blog!"

Feel special now?

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