Friday, February 4, 2011

Whatcha doin this weekend?

So much neck fat
Cutie cutesons!

I'm not sure if Pugs are made for clothing. At least Hubert may not be. He has so much neck fat that a medium just squeezes all his neck fat up like a lion's mane. And a large just falls off his shoulders. Poor kid. I guess I could tailor his clothes, but then again he's a dog and probably shouldn't be wearing clothes.

Except! For Superbowl. He has to wear a Steelers jersey because...well...The Boy and I are wearing them.

That's what we're doing this weekend. What about you?

All he wants to do is get down and sleep
By the way, all he wanted to do after the first five minutes of posing in his new jersey was get off the table and run around. Since he's on a special diet for his kidney stones, I couldn't give him any treats, so I took him out to the dog park and the 6-8" of snow melted and turned the park into a swamp, then froze over again into a 3-4" thick sheet of ice. It was pretty much a skating rink. So I ran around with Hubert and watched him slip and slide all over the place.

Har har. :)


  1. This is the cutest thing I have ever seen!

  2. My husband is a die hard steely! He's going to want to get one for our brussell griffon! Cute pic!