Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Aztec III

Aztec III Brown
I can't get enough of this distressed two-tone brown with a super soft hand. It beckons me every time - and apparently you, too as it seems to sell out pretty quickly once I get a bag made for the shop.

Here's the third of those gorgeous distressed browns. Available in really limited quantity as I could only get one hide.

I really want to make this in The Mini and let it sit in the shop for a while before I decide to keep one for myself since I missed the previous two opportunities to have an Aztec Brown bag. But then I feel guilty and selfish. So I'll just leave these awesomely gorgeous leathers to someone else who will love and care for them.

By the way, my future SIL asked me if I feel protective of my bags once I let them go to their new set of shoulders.

I do RIGHT after I make the bag, but once it's shipped, I can let it go. I spend a few hours with each bag and I start to feel like I worked so hard to finally get the finished product that I can't help but give it a little hug before I package it and ship it off to its new home. So if you smell my perfume on the bag, it may be because I gave it a little goodbye hug.


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