Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Cauliflower Tacos

Cauliflower + Pico

Is it weird that I've never had cauliflower until this moment?

The Boy mentioned that we should add cauliflower to our diet and mentioned, "it really goes well with turmeric."

And that's all he gave me.

Well, I'll let you in on a secret of mine.

When working with a new food item, I make them into tacos and top them with pico. You can't go wrong with pico. Seriously. Or if I want to make it Asian, wrap it in rice paper with noodles, julienne carrots, cucumber and shredded lettuce. Then dip it in nouc cham.

This meal takes 10 minutes MAX to make. Really!


Coleslaw mix (shredded cabbage and carrots)
Garlic powder
Salt + Pepper

Toss in a bit of oil and stir-fry, lid the pan and cook until tender.
Fill a tortilla with the tender goodness and top with homemade pico de gallo (I love making mine with red onions nowadays).

Cauliflower + Pico

p.s. A bit of Sriracha and lime juice on top adds that extra oomph. You'll love it.
p.p.s. If you've never had cauliflower, I would describe it as a really buttery version of broccoli.

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