Saturday, March 19, 2011

Chicken Noodle Soup

Chicken Noodle Soup

I'm really happy, ya'll.

Yesterday I was heartbroken while following all the updates with Japan. Now I feel we're making a difference! All thanks to you for supporting me in this fundraiser to donate to Japan. Every little bit that each one of us can do goes a long way.

If you missed yesterday's post, I'm donating 25% of my sales this weekend to American Red Cross. The Boy is matching 100% of my donation so together we'll donate 50% of my sales (since we share a bank account, hehe).

So far we've raised $224.50 on my end, totaling $449 donation including The Boy's contribution! It's only Saturday afternoon, so we still have 1.5 days left to raise more!

Now to the more fun stuff -- that Chicken Noodle Soup recipe I promised.

I will now admit that I am a huge advocate of using every part of everything you buy. When I was a much bigger meat eater, I used to roast whole chickens, and I would cut out the back bone so that I could lay the chicken flat on a roasting pan. I saved all those backbones in a freezer zip top bag for special occasions like this where I can make my own chicken stock. And nothing makes for a better stock than lots of bones.

Side note: I also save all the shells from shrimp because it's going to make a yummy stock for seafood gumbo. Just sayin'. 

I made this chicken stock by simply boiling chicken bones + 1/2 diced red onion + miso paste (it tastes so good!) + rock sugar + black pepper corns for 1.5 hours and skim off all the crud that accumulates on top in the meantime.  Strain out all the solids until you're left with a densely flavored, relatively clear broth.

I intentionally left out some of the vegetables that are supposed to go into a stock because I use those in the actual recipe and I don't want to throw away soggy celery and carrots.

2 Boneless, skinless chicken breasts
1/2 Red Onion, diced
Celery, bundle, diced
Carrots, a bundle, diced
Wide Egg Noodles, I get the cholesterol-free kind

Boil chicken breasts in stock until still a bit pink inside (I know, it's weird, but it'll guarantee you moist chicken cubes in your soup come serving time).

Remove chicken, cube the same size as your other vegetables, set aside until the end.

Cook celery, carrots, onion and noodle. Mine were done at the same time, but check your noodle cooking time to make sure you won't overcook your veggies. In the last 8 minutes, add the cubed chicken and then serve. Chicken will be fully cooked and still moist.

Chicken Noodle Soup

Super simple recipe for warm soup belly.

And if you really liked this comfort food, boy do I have a surprise for you on Monday! You'll have the chance to win a somethin' somethin' that will make your kitchen experience amazing.

That's all I'm telling you.

Come by on Monday to find out more. :)

Have a wonderful weekend, my friends!


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