Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Chicken "Pesto" Pasta

"Pesto" Pasta

This is NOT your traditional pesto pasta. For starters, it doesn't contain olive oil, basil, or pine nuts. The only thing it really shares with pesto is the color green and the pasta.

This is an Asian-ified version of "pesto" that I created because I was desperate to use the rest of my cilantro before it wilts.

Cilantro (stems and all)
Canola oil
Soy Sauce
Ketchup, just a small squeeze
Salt (just a little, soy sauce will add most of the saltiness) and Pepper

Chicken breast (skinless, boneless), cubed

Throw all except chicken into a food processor and give it a go until it comes together into a yummy paste. Coat chicken breast cubes with sauce, then saute and simmer (in a covered pan) until cooked through. Add cooked thin spaghetti or angel hair pasta. Toss and serve.

"Pesto" Pasta

It's really delicious.

The Boy topped his with red pepper flakes, and mine with Sriracha.  Seriously.  Can it get better?


  1. Okay. I am going to remember this the next time we have extra cilantro (which seems to be every time we buy it). I especially love the Sriacha part--yum!

  2. Yeah! And you're not limited to making a pasta from it. Slather it onto chicken thighs, pork chops, tilapia and broil or panfry. It's really a great go-to marinade.