Thursday, March 3, 2011

My Future Sister

I've always wanted an older sister. Well, that's not true. I never knew what life would be like with a sister until we moved to Pittsburgh and live 1 mile from The Boy's older brother, who has a beautiful wife, Aparna, who will be my sister.

I grew up with an older brother. I thought Barbies were meant for fighting Ninja Turtles, dancing was for wussies, and pink was for girls. I thought I was supposed to save my allowance so I could buy the newest video game. I thought winning a burping contest was THE greatest achievement.

Okay. I exaggerate. Or do I? You get the point.

Then, I met Aparna. She has become a great older sister to me. She's showing me the ropes on how to be an Indian bride and what it takes to be a Nemlekar -- my future name!

Side note: Isn't it great I don't have to change my business name? I get to keep the N!

She's an attorney by day (and into some nights), a workout partner by night, farmer's market/theater goer by weekend, science geek, Apple lover, and a wedding-planning-crafter by times in between when we talk about how we're going to decorate for The Boy and my wedding. We're like the same person --except she's a lawyer and I'm a designer. Details.

It's all so fun and girly and perfect that she has become my big sister just in time to help me with an important transition in my life. :)

Did I also mention that she's gorgeous?

p.s. This doesn't mean older brothers aren't great. But I think Chris (my brother) can only nod his head for so long as I talk about fashion, cooking and home decor before he goes, "Jenny, shut up. I'm trying to beat this boss!"


  1. that's so wonderful that you guys are close! She seems like a gem.

  2. indian weddings are so beautiful!! everything just makes me go ooooh and awwwe!

    i have an older brother too and I love him, but some things he just doesn't care about! :) i suppose it goes both ways though. theres only so much about cars and video games i can take! ;)