Monday, March 7, 2011

Snow in March?

Snow in March?
Taken with Samsung Epic 4G phone

The Boy and I celebrated our 2nd year anniversary this weekend. When we get married, does that mean we replace our anniversary with our wedding anniversary instead of our dating anniversary? Or do you celebrate both? Or neither?

We went to our favorite sushi place, Plum and finally saw The Fighter. Great movie.

As The Boy said of Christian Bale's performance, "he can verbally berate me on a movie set anytime if he puts on a performance like that."

He's my favorite actor, and this performance secured it for good.

Did I mention that it SNOWED this weekend? It's March!

The weather changes so much here in Pittsburgh that I finally added a weather widget to the main page of my phone just so I know how I should dress every morning. One day it's sunny and 60s and the next its 20s and snowing. I guess boxing up the winter coats isn't such a great idea, yet. :)


  1. Love your blog. Subscribed to it after I ordered one of your Traveler bags. (I got an e-mail Friday that it's on its way and I SUPER excited.) We also have a pug. She's a girl and her name is Willow. Cute little pups but boy do they shed, huh? :-) Anywho... I have a friend who actually celebrates both anniversaries with her hubby. They one when they met and the one they got married. My hubs and I just celebrate the one we got married. (Since we have a child now, we do great to remember it. ha ha) Love your blog. Stay warm and congrats on the engagement.

  2. When I lived in Michigan, I remember we used to have freak snowstorms in May. MAY!!! Snow during the beginning of April was not that uncommon either...

  3. Hi Mandi! Your bag has shipped and is on its way. :) Yeah, pugs are great and they shed a TON! Though it has reduced greatly since we moved to colder climate. :)

    Tracy, May? May?!? Someone always has it worse. I think the snow should stop soon --or so I've heard...

  4. I loved The Fighter too! It was weird when people started to speak Cambodian. I am Cambodian and it threw me off to hear it. Haha. I am hoping to apply to Renegade Craft Fair in Chicago this year. Hopefully I get in and get to meet you. Your products are amazing!