Friday, March 11, 2011

The Things We Do....

The things we do for our pets...

Cute, isn't he? Well!

Remember when he had some kidney stones removed?  He's been on a special diet since then that will dissolve any remaining crystals that may have formed and after 3 months on that diet, I have to submit a urine sample so that the vet can assess what food he will be on to prevent future formations of any stones.

Well, today's the day that he needs to switch food and I called the vet to ask about the procedure for submitting the urine sample.

"Oh, just place a pan or dish under there?
While he's peeing?
Uh huh.
I see.
I can come get a sample collection there.
Oh, it's really small?
I'll likely get peed on?

Hang up.

I glance at Hubert and he's jumping and whining waiting for his morning food, walk and potty. Not a worry in the world in that little brain.

To make things a little more complicated, it was snowing outside (Again! Mid-March!), like a blizzard. And I think Hubert was a little uncomfortable that I was crowding around his junk while he peed. But it wasn't as bad as I expected. Thank god for cheap little IKEA containers and zip top bags.  I got some weird looks as I was walking to the vet holding a bag with a container full of urine.

Then I get a nice bill of $40 for lab work fees.

All before my morning coffee.

So I treated myself to a fat free cappuccino from the coffee machine in the lobby of my apartment. Yummmm.

There are also boxes of donuts on Fridays. I paused for a second and thought about it. Then I passed.



  1. I would probably need a longer break before drinking a warm liquid.