Monday, March 28, 2011

What to do with 1500 business cards with old info?

And stamp the back!

Buy a stamp!

Fortunately, I designed my business cards with the location and address at the bottom, so it was easy to just cut off the text from the bottom and stamp the updated info on the back.

With lots of help from expert-cut-off-the-bottom-of-the-card Aparna, this weekend we stamped out (hah!) 1500 outdated business cards to have my Pittsburgh info on them!

Cut off the old address
All 1500 business cards. Hands. Hurt.

It was a labor of love, my friends. Labor of love.


  1. awesome!
    I just threw away 2000 business cards with old info on them....but I had printed both the front & the back.
    The only thing I could think of was to make confetti....but I was too lazy to hole punch 2000 cards. haha.

  2. ha! i've totally done stuff like this before. if you move all the time, it's inevitable!

  3. Nikolina - that's unfortunate! But I totally understand that holepunching would probably be WAY more labor intensive than just throwing them in the recycling bin. Haha.

    Margot - Exactly! When I had to reorder my leather stamp just a few months after I ordered my Austin one, I was hesitant to put Pittsburgh, PA because of the fear I would have to reorder another one after a year or something because of another move. I'm hoping we stay here for some years so I get a lot of use out of the new stamp.