Friday, April 22, 2011

Ain't She a Beaut?

This leather is lusciously squishy and lovely

I'm not sure if I absolutely adore this color because the love of my life handed me a small box in a this color and asked me to marry him, or it's just a gorgeous color. What do you think?

The Mini Ruche in Blue Turquoise is now available in the shop, and of course available in limited quantities as most of my leathers are. :) The bag listed above was made with a zippered top because of a special request. I'm offering it as an upgrade now, so if you want to keep your valuables safe from baby turning your bag over in the car or sneaky hands on the subway, the option is available just for you!

Also, I MUST share that the wonderful customer who purchased the bag photographed above also bought matching rubber boots! I so want these.  But I'm saving all this leather for customers and for the upcoming show if I still have some left.

See how selfless I am?

Preparing for Renegade + Filling Orders = Lots of Bag Tags

On another note, we're four weeks from Renegade Austin, and I'm wondering whether I need to close the shop for the last two weeks before to prepare, or just extend my turnaround time, or just work super-overtime. I'll may just wait it out and see how it goes.

If you love me lots, you'll place your orders within the next two weeks and not the two weeks before Renegade so I can have your item made in time to ship to you before I leave. Pretty please!


  1. I'm so excited that you're now offering a zippered top enclosure! I'm one step closer to finally giving in to one of your bags, now - bring on the zippered internal pocket!

  2. Oh Kim, the internal zippered pocket... I've been thinking about this but can't justify taking the extra time to add this because there isn't enough demand (at least not yet).