Saturday, April 23, 2011

Air Plants


Air plants, air plants, air plants. Everywhere. I finally gave in and got some from toHOLD.

Assembling these little terrariums brought me back to my diorama days in elementary school.  Except my mom wouldn't throw away these pretties because they would match her home decor.

I thoroughly enjoyed staging these air plants in a beachy scene to be hung under the future shelf I will have hanging in front of my sewing machine table. Now I need to find a cool shelf... and then things to place on top of the shelf. :)

How to make these?

6 airplants from toHOLD
6 whirly hanging candle holders from CB2
Crushed sea shells, sand or gravel
Pretty embellishments (I used sea shells)

Assemble and tie a jute string on top and hang near a big window with lots of filtered light!


These cute little fish bowl terrariums make great desk accessories if you want all the materials in one package.


  1. These would also make nice wedding favors for a small group. Or as simple table arrangements. Just saying.

  2. Very nice! I think I need to get a few for my studio too!

  3. Justine, that's a great idea actuallyyyy since I have a wedding to plan for this fall. Hmmmmmmmmmm

  4. So cool, and very beachy! I just ordered an assortment of plants from air plant design studio. I cant wait for them to come in so I can display them in something like this!