Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Bags bags bags

Love for Earth produce bags

I grocery shop a lot. It's an addiction. I think I picked it up to replace my original clothing and shoe shopping addiction, so then I had to figure out creative ways to use all the groceries. Thus, I cook a lot.

Seriously. When The Boy's brother and him get together, they play tennis and video games. While our guys do this, Aparna and I go to the grocery store together and brainstorm cool recipes. Weird?

For grocery shopping, I use BAGGU bags. One bag is like three regular grocery bags, so carrying groceries back to the apartment isn't a huge pain. And I'm saving the environment. And I get a discount for bringing in my own bags. :)

Well, I started looking for more ways to save on plastic, and I found reusable produce bags. I'm not sure why I never discovered this before, or why I never bothered to just make some because, I mean, I make bags and all.

So I thought about making some produce bags. But then I started browsing Etsy and I found a shop that makes them better than I would, Love for Earth. So a bought a large set. I got the green ones, which look a lot like the produce bags at my grocery store.

Now I feel really environmentally awesome.

Speaking of bags, I'm working on a big batch of Minis -- a few are orders and the rest for new items in the shop. Blue Turquoise, Two-Tone Red and Treetop Green.

Like the new Blue Turquoise? One has already sold but there are 3 more left that are half-made, so they'll ship out quicker if you want one (just message me on Etsy for a listing). Otherwise, I'll have a listing with a photograph posted in a week or so.

Oh, and those green ones are the last and only three Mini Ruches in Treetop Green that will be available (the color is discontinued, sadly). But you can get one if you message me! :)


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