Thursday, April 14, 2011

Behind the Scenes

Stamp for business cards and paper things

I often show you "finished" pictures where I've placed a completed (or nearly completed) bag on my sewing table that has been wiped clean for a photo shoot. So clean and minimal - as though I work in that state. I wish I did, my friends. I wish I did.

During work hours, my studio (our living room) is a wreck. Scraps, bag straps, half-finished bags, fabric lining and hardware scatter amongst work tables, the dinner table and the coffee table. By the time 5 pm rolls around, I start cleaning up so that The Boy comes home to a neat and manicured loft with me at the stove cooking dinner.  All I need is a cute dress with pumps and an apron and it's the dream life, right?

Lately, he has been seeing the true side of my work because I'm preparing for Renegade Austin as I fill orders. Oh boy. Dinners are starting later, his reading chair has turned into a table for me to store boxes with finished bags waiting for a shipping label, and leather confetti (the result of punching holes to install hardware) can be found everywhere.

Here's a little peek of the mess that happens before the clean-up.

New cutting board to endure lots of hammering

I use this IKEA cutting board for hammering holes to install hardware for straps, handles and snaps. The one on the left is after 6 months of use. It has holes, bits of leather and fabric stuck on it (that's what those little specks are), and is also warped.  I just bought a new one today (right). What a difference, right?

Leather logos to be sewn inside bags

Leather trimmings, leather confetti and leather logo tags (not yet trimmed) to be sewn in the lining. In the background, a rubber mallet. My favorite tool in the studio. Well, maybe second to my sewing machine(s). :)


  1. it's a beautiful mess, Jenny! excited to hear/read how the renegade fair treats you. i would love to participate in one some day. xo.

  2. I love the behind the scenes! And the messed up cutting board looks pretty with the light behind it.

  3. All the effort makes your bags worth every penny! I can't wait for Renegade Austin. I hope I can make it, so I can stop by and maybe convince the hubs to buy me another bag or two again. Will you have any briefcases with you?