Friday, April 29, 2011

Briefcase in Mushroom

Briefcase in Mushroom

This bag is a good representation of my life. Simple, functional, and in style all season long. Wink!

I really love this color. It's a warm earthy gray and so so wonderfully soft. It's squishy and distressed and can be worn all year round.

Here's the kicker: I only had enough leather for TWO Briefcases.

You can "share" this with your man, too, if that helps justify the purchase. By share, I mean you can tell him, "Hey babe, I got a bag for us to share" and he'll say, "I don't wear murses" and you can keep it for yourself, but know that he can also wear it when you're wearing your brand new Clutch from my shop.

Brand new Clutch, I said?

Why yes, I'm in the final stages of sketching the details and assessing the dimensions. More updates on Monday!

You can get your Briefcase in Mushroom in the shop now!

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