Thursday, April 21, 2011


I think I found my latest shopping addiction. And I get to help fund really cool projects that need a bit of a kick start.

I was reading Top 10 Design-Related Tech Innovations on Design*Sponge and quickly became addicted to searching Kickstarter for more projects to back. Is it strange that I see this as little infomercials with opportunities to buy products when they first hit the market?

Since I'm a sucker for designer chairs (and when I get my own house, I will own-a-plenty!), I backed this project called SketchChair - an open source software that allows you to design, test and get your own chair milled and shipped to you. Not because it's an awesome software idea, but I really like that users can modify others' designs and cool collaborations are bound to happen. Plus, the GUI looks awesome. And super simple.

...And I really wanted a miniature model of one of these chairs.  I mean, it's way too cute, right?

When I said I was a sucker for designer chairs, I should have clarified that I'm a sucker for 1/6th scale designer chairs. :)

Other really cool projects from the D*S post?

The Flow - A Paintbrush for Touch Screens
This would have been a great tool during my college years when I was running a graphic design business. Now I would just use this to make cool "paintings" without having to gesso a canvas when I don't feel like working on a painting anymore.

The Cosmonaut - A Wide-Grip Stylus for Touch Screens
Yet another awesome innovation for tablets. Mimics the look and feel of a dry erase marker. Talk about feeling cool during brainstorming sessions, eh?

I wish Kickstarter was available when I was in college. It would have been the perfect tool and outlet to offer my students in both of the engineering senior elective classes I co-developed with a good friend and lecturer at UT and taught in my senior year: Social Entrepreneurship & Engineering and Art & Engineering. We developed these classes so that my engineering peers could broaden their scope on what non-traditional areas an engineering degree could apply. Obviously, I did this for very personal reasons as well since at the time I was contemplating not taking one of three typical routes upon graduation (bme corporation, grad school, or medical school) and needed an outlet for exploring other options. I knew there would be others who were in the same boat.

What are some Kickstarter projects you would/have back(ed)? Or maybe want to start?


  1. My grandmother designed a beautiful floor lamp a few decades ago that I want to start manufacturing and selling. Kickstarter seems the perfect place for that, but I have to get my act together and put together a proposal/pictures/video/etc.

  2. Good idea, David! Your grandmother would be proud.

  3. I want my own miniature laser cut chair too! This website is going to steal my interest for hours... thanks so much for sharing Jenny!