Thursday, April 7, 2011

More Pasta? Seriously?

Spicy Penne Pasta + Egg

Okay, fine. I'm on this pasta-craze because at the end of the day, I run out of time to cook something else more creative... :(

I used a jarred pasta sauce for this. Of course, I didn't leave it all naked and untouched. Would. I. Ever.

I oiled the bottom of a pan, dropped in some cumin seeds and fennel seeds. Cumin adds earthiness, fennel adds a bright punch reminiscent of sausage without having to use sausage in the dish. The seeds add a nice crunch. Let them crackle and pop, then sweat onion and garlic in the oil. I then added chicken, but this can be eliminated or interchanged with another meat. Cook through, then add the contents of the pasta sauce jar and let it simmer.

I added a teaspoon of red chili sauce -- I can't live without spice. As you can tell. :) A splash of soy sauce adds sweetness and a rich saltiness. Yummmmm.

Throw in the pasta and toss.

That was last night's dinner.

Today for lunch I packed The Boy pasta with all the chicken pieces and left myself with a meatless pasta. So, I added a fried egg and called it lunch.

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