Monday, April 18, 2011

Needed: Color

Adding some color to the living room

My brother calls my design aesthetic "sterile". I gravitate towards making everything white (with metal or wood as the added "color") because I'm a bit scared to commit to a particular color -- what if I change my mind and don't like it? I'll have to go through the trouble of changing it...

Solution: Use all the colors. :)

Note: The only reason our living room walls were red and squash was because the apartment came with an accent wall. If they were white, I may have been lost as to how to decorate them.

So far the only success I've found is a vintage throw for the couch.  I'll pull some of the colors from this piece to paint those blank canvases that have been sitting in the corner of my room. We have zero art hanging on the wall, so that will be a good place to start, huh?

Coke crate

I also got one of these vintage Coca Cola crates to store some of the stuff on my desk.

I'm addicted to organization solutions now.

Must. Find. More.

I love his profile

Hubert's profile. So cute!


  1. I love the Coke crate shelving! We seem to collect old wooden crates so I'm kind of obsessed now with the idea of turning them into some kind of storage unit.

    I also love Hubert's profile. :)

  2. Karen, I wish you sold old wooden crates so I could buy some. :)