Thursday, May 12, 2011

(Doggie) Day Camp

Camper Cam - Hubert's first day of day camp

I have not been productive today, guys. I dropped Hubert off at this dog camp for his "interview" this morning, which is a 3-hour process where he plays with the day camp dogs to see if he's a "good fit" for the camp in the future (i.e. he's not aggressive or territorial). Hubert. Aggressive? Pssssh.

Oh, back story.

We can't take Hubert with us to fly to Austin for Renegade, so I've been on the look out for the best care for Hubert while we're away. I looked into having a sitter come in to take care of him, so I decided to ask around my building for references. It didn't take me long to find a good solution because I live in an apartment building where there are more dogs than human residents (probably), and it was clear by the number of residents who take their dogs to this camp that this was going to be my first experience at camp. Hubert, I mean. Hubert at camp. Letting Hubert go to dog camp.

Back to the point.

Well, I dropped Hubert off this morning and I got two things done:
1. Got my oil changed
2. Filled up gas

Since then I've been staring at my computer screen looking at the "camper cams" that are set up around the facility. I can see Hubert playing with other dogs! I feel like a total stalker, but I cannot help but check out how my little pug baby is coping without me.

He's totally doing fine. 

One of the employees said he was welcome to stay for the full day (6 hours) if I wanted to let him stay. "IssOKnoneed! I'll pick him up in 3 hours!" and then set my phone alarm for 3 hours from that very moment.

I may be the one with separation anxiety.

p.s. I took some screen shots of Hubert at camp. I wonder if he's looking for me. Or thinking of me. Or even remembers me...


  1. I would totally do the same thing - just sit there and watch. Once, we set up a camera in the house just to see what Buddy was doing at home when were gone. I watched him the entire time I was at work. Needless to say we did not do that again as it turned me into a slacker.

    I agree with us being the ones with separation anxiety. We just unknowingly blame it on them.

    Looks like he is doing just fine :) They need fun time too with their buddies sometimes. Sigh. They grow up so fast.

  2. I am so the same way. I totally hate to leave my girl with puppy sitters. She loves it and I have the separation anxiety. I have had to leave her for a week before and I was always wondering the same things...does she think I abandoned her, does she miss me....yadda yadda. Good luck at Renegade, wish I could run up and visit but too much going on then. Wave towards New Braunfels and I'll wave back :)