Friday, May 13, 2011

Hubert's First Day at Camp

He had fun at camp

He came into the car super excited and panting - telling me (with his eyes) about all the new friends he made and how much fun he had. I took a picture with my phone to show you his excitement.

His report card shows he was a great camper and that his new best friend is Ripley, a white Frenchie who can be seen in the pictures from yesterday.

In the car on the way home, he passes out. Snoring everso loudly.

Passed out after camp

We arrived home and he wobbled his way out of the car and plopped onto the ground in front of the elevator (we usually take the stairs, but I spared him this time around) as we wait for it to arrive. The elevator opens and he wobbles in and plops down again to cool off.

We arrive on our floor (2nd floor, it's a short ride) and he stumbles his way to his bed and attempts to play with his toy, but passes out again. This is way too cute of a moment to not capture with the nice camera.


While working, I hear water sloshing behind me, which tells me he woke up to get a drink and then I hear a plop on the ground. I turn around and see that he is on the floor, asleep. It's much cooler on the floor. I didn't feel like taking out the camera, so I snapped a photo with my phone.

"Mom. Leave me alone."

He slumps back into his bed and I take out my camera. He gives me the "Mom. Please. Leave me alone." face and proceeds to sleep. That was my last picture, and I left him alone. ALL the way through today!

I am so productive now that he's here at home and in very deep twitchy dreamy sleep.

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  1. We are gonna take our pup to doggie daycare while we are at a weekly market this summer...this was a great post and I hope our Nancy gets just as pooped out! Hubert is sure a handsome pup!