Saturday, May 7, 2011

Relief for Upset Stomach

Me [to The Boy]: What do you think of Bubblegum for this color?
The Boy: It doesn't sound professional.
Me: It's not supposed to sound professional. It's supposed to be fun, bright, and summery!
The Boy: How about Pepto-Bismol. Or Pepto-Pink.Or just Pepto.
Me: ...
The Boy: It's better than Bubblegum. [smiling]
Me: [Eye roll followed by heavy sigh; pulls out Pantone Color Guide]

So much for trying to be more creative in the naming of the colors of my bags. I stole this color name from my Pantone Color Guide. As I always (mostly) do.

On another note, I've been without a computer this week. The power supply on my 5-year-old iMac is having issues, so I haven't been blogging much. I still don't have my computer, I'm using The Boy's laptop to blog and print shipping labels and correspond with the world. Though it's not the same, I appreciate him letting me use it. He's very particular about his electronics. As in, he doesn't allow anyone to touch his things, especially me because electronics seem to fail when I touch them. It may be the static charge in my fingertips because I'm a wizard. Or wizardress.

I also sprained my ankle last week in Zumba. I usually have lower back pains after Zumba because of all those hip thrusts, but this time, no lower back pain. Just a sprained ankle from landing incorrectly trying to show off my high kicks.

This week may have not been the best week for me as far as life goes, but I was super productive at work without a computer and having limited movement in my right ankle (fortunately only in the lateral direction, so sewing was not a problem).

I finished a lot of orders early and added some new bags to the shop (including this Wild Rose pink Mini) and a Mini in Port and a Traveler in Warm Gray Margot Bianca Batik.

See, I turned all the negative stuff into positive energy to work! Go me!

How was your week?


  1. I like the name Bubble-gum for the color personally. :)

  2. Although I think Bubblegum is a great color name, Wild Rose is perfect for the bag!