Monday, June 27, 2011

Poppytalk Summer Colours

One of my photos made it to the kickoff entry. Pretty happy start to the week. :)

I will be a little absent this week since we're 1.5 weeks before heading to San Francisco and I am in the midst of mad preparation. Plus, since you SF residents keep buying things before I can even take them there, it's making it a little difficult for me to have enough items for the fair. Just kidding. Keep shopping. It makes me happy. :)

The Boy and I are heading there on Wednesday so we can actually take a mini vacation before Renegade.

We would love suggestions as to where to visit, what to eat, what to do, how to get around without a car....


  1. I wanted to list a few things for you to seek out, but when I got to the "without a car" stipulation, I just had to laugh and laugh. It's California, honey. Everything is a hundred miles from everything else, so, y'know, we have cars. (Rent "L.A. Story." They totally nail it.) I know. I'm not a very good environmentalist. Have a great time! My picks would be Pier 39, the de Young (currently exhibiting Picasso) in Golden Gate Park, Chinatown!

  2. If you like pizza, go to the Cheeseboard Collective in Berkeley! It. Is. Amazing.