Thursday, June 16, 2011

Roasted-Strawberry Shortcake

Roasted-Strawberry Shortcake

I wasn't sure what to name this cake. I'm afraid the name suggests that I roasted the cake when I actually roasted the strawberries. So I hyphenated it. But I'm no grammar expert. Remember, I'm still educated as an engineer, and we are not good with English things.

My second concern is that this is not technically a shortcake. 

I should have named this cake, "Roasted Strawberries On a Layer of Mascarpone Topping On a Duncan Hines Yellow Cake with Cool Whip Piped Along The Circumference".
Roasted-Strawberry Shortcake

Hubert had a great time sniffing around when the cake was baking. He was even more interested when it was all done and I was photographing it. See above. High interest level. Or is it high-interest level. Or high interest-level.

Roasted-Strawberry Shortcake

As the new title suggests, I made this cake by following the directions on the back of a Duncan Hines Yellow Cake box. I replaced water with Very Vanilla Silk because water does not taste yummy and sweet.

I made this in a spring-form pan to make serving easy. I cut off the top layer because it poofed on the outside. Or the middle sank after baking. Not 100% sure.

Then! I spread a generous layer of custardy mascarpone topping (recipe from the Tiramisu recipe I used to make The Boy's birthday cupcakes). It'll soak a bit into the yellow cake. Mmmm.

I sliced strawberries, coated them with brown sugar (because they were NOT sweet) and roasted them in a pan until my apartment smelled of cooked strawberries (20 mins?).

Then then then, I snipped the end of a zip top bag, placed a star tip inside and filled up the bag with Cool Whip and started doing some decorating action.

I realize that the sides of the cake are not covered. Too many calories. Remember? Wedding dress? Right. But I'm baking a cake and wanting to eat it, too. Small compromises, my friend. Okay, fine. It's not the calories. I was lazy.

If I didn't use soy milk in place of water for baking the cake, I may have covered the sides. But I have to live with the consequences of my decision-making. :)

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