Friday, July 29, 2011

Date Night

Date Night

Dress: Banana Republic
Earrings: I forgot. :(

Date night last night!  We were adventurous and tried a new sushi place. We usually dine at Plum, but felt like we needed to give other places a try, especially if they're so highly rated on Yelp.

I'm lying. You know me --I love routine. When I find a good restaurant, I stick to it. When I find a good dish at said restaurant, I stick to it.

BECAUSE!!  It minimizes disappointment.  Disappointment != Fun.*

The adventurous side comes from my other half. :)

If you're wondering what adventure gets you, the answer is disappointment.**

I hate winning every debate (no, I don't), but we will continue to visit our go-to sushi place from now on.

Good news!!

I finally wore the dress Boy bought for me for my birthday in June.  Boy is good at this -- picking out really great pieces that I would never choose myself and they end up being my favorites. This is my new favorite dress; it's bright, flouncy, soft and from Banana Republic (which is kind of my favorite store).

I paired it with turquoise earrings, which made me realize I should probably take this opportunity of having my hair did, make-up done, and being all dolled up to model a picture with one of my favorite bags in the shop, Foldover Clutch in Blue Turquoise.

I think it makes the outfit.

Sadly, I didn't keep it. I placed it back onto the Ready to Ship shelf after Boy snapped some photos. I wore one of my reject/mess-up Clutches instead. :(

Happy weekend! :)


* != translates to "does not equal" for non-nerds.
** Overpriced sushi. Muddy crawfish tasting tempura softshell crab. Under-miso'd misoshiru. A bajillion bones in my unagi kabayaki. In their defense, I'm pretty sure eel always has a billion bones and you're supposed to eat them, but I didn't enjoy it. I spent the entire night practicing my awesome chopstick skills in removing pin bones.


  1. You look so pretty! I love that coral color paired with aqua. Gorgeous. PS. We also go to like 2 places...we hate being let down!

  2. You look fantastic! The best advert for your creations!

  3. Olivia, I totally agree. We basically switch between two restaurants each week for date night. This week, however....

    Thanks, Wan! :) :)