Friday, July 22, 2011

Dear Rainbows

My new knife setTattly temporary tattooTattly is too cool

I'm re-obsessed with rainbows. Or maybe the love never left.  I'd like to think that this love started from my childhood love of My Little Pony, Rainbow Brite, and Care Bears, all featuring plenty of rainbows. OR. We humans are just intrinsically drawn to the pretty colors.

My order of the Tattly temporary tattoos came in early this week and I could not contain my excitement. I'll admit. These things gave me a sense of badassness for an entire week, even if they are rainbowy.

The little one on my forearm I took off after a day and replaced it with the one on my shoulder. Oh, I love this one. After a shower, the glossiness goes away and it looks a little worn and super cool. The last one I have will go on my shoulder blade, because there's where I've always wanted a tattoo if I were to ever have the courage and commitment to get one. Which I don't.

Mom, relax. I won't get a real tattoo (yet). But I think I found something that will appease me for many years, if not my entire life time.

In other news, I found my latest daily addiction: Dear blank, please blank. It goes along really nicely with my other daily read, Dear Photograph

The draw may be the nostalgia of formal letters... or I just like crowdsourced content. 

Happy Weekend!


p.s. Did you see? There are new Packets in the shop! :)

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