Monday, July 25, 2011

My New Knives

new knives

My mom called me and asked where I got my knives. We don't talk regularly on the phone. I don't like talking on the phone --I can't sew at the same time, or multitask. Instead, we text and gchat, which took some heavy influencing and teaching on my part, but she's a quick learner. She just calls when she's reacting to something I wrote on my blog, like,

"You're getting a tattoo?!"

Just kidding. She didn't call about the [fake] tattoo.

She called about my knives! My mom loves kitchen gadgets just as much as I do. But she loves the old fashion things, like antique crank coffee grinders and pepper grinders and things that involve a lot of manual labor. I like food processors and electric things that involve little manual labor. So I was a little surprised she inquired about my new sleek knives.

Maybe my dad was more curious about them and asked my mom. He loves knives. His appreciation strongly influenced me to love knives, too.  Kitchen knives and pocket knives, mostly.  We both share a great appreciation for those sharp guys.

I still feel guilty that the pocket knife that he gave me for my 18th birthday got confiscated at airport security on my way to Boston (for a summer internship at MIT). I forgot to take it out of my purse before I left (oops). Security asked me why I would have a knife in my purse. I told them I use it as a box cutter because I order a lot of packages online (would it have been weird to tell them that I use it to peel oranges and sharpen my eyeliner pencil?). They then searched all my bags and scanned me for metal stuff.

After that summer, on the way back from Boston back to Austin, I got my pepper spray confiscated and got written up for carrying a fire arm without a license. I joked with the policeman that pepper spray is one of those essentials, like lipstick for a girl to carry in her purse. He wasn't amused and then threatened that I may get arrested when I get back in Texas. I cried. But then realized he was full of bull.

Anyway, my dad was a little heart broken that he couldn't find that same knife again, but he bought me an even cooler knife later. I still have it --I do use it as a box cutter since I do order online all the time. I don't use eyeliner pencils anymore, so no sharpening needed.

new knives

Am I now just getting back to talking about these kitchen knives?

I get off track easily.

I got these Kai Pure Komachi 2 knives on sale at Rue La La, but they are on sale at Amazon now!

1. They are super sharp, like razor-blade sharp.  Filleting and thin slicing are super easy with these!
2. They are colorful, which adds a great pop of color in the kitchen.
3. They are conversation starters, which is great when you have guests over and haven't finished cooking yet.

1. They are really light weight. It's not really a con. It's just weird to experience. The intention of the design was to have a really light weight knife so your hands don't fatigue if you're doing a lot of cutting. Very true. I can cut vegetables for hours with these guys. It just feels a little strange when you're used to heavy knives. So rather than this being a con, it's more like a "something to get used to".
2. Cutting quickly is a little difficult. No dimples on the blade and the blades are so thin and straight that vegetables don't get pushed off like when using knives with the thicker spine. Vegetables get stuck easily. Kinda sucks, but maybe I have to work with them more to get into a groove.

I really do love the, though!

The knife rack is from IKEA.

So if you're like my mom and read last week's post and wondered where I got my rainbow knives, you've got all the info to get yourself a set!


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  1. i was wondering! and i think they're awesome!