Thursday, August 11, 2011

BAGGU Addiction

I think it is safe to say that I have a BAGGU addiction.

My total count to date is 23.

Pretty sure that's considered hoarding.

It all started in 2007 on a December day when I decided to switch from plastic bags to reusable bags. I got 6 that day and have been collecting them since.


I was reminded about how cool these bags are because my friend Nathan posted this on my FB wall:

"I was at the grocery store Monday and realized that I waste a LOT of plastic buying tons of produce... I've tried saving it to use as litter box liners but there are WAY too many bags and not enough cats at my house.

Then I remembered your blog from a few months ago and I just purchased some BAGGU's and produce bags from Love for Earth! I'll let you know how I like them :) Thanks for helping me save the planet."

And then a follow-up today saying he loves them and that 3 bags (filled half-way) replaced 7 grocery bags.


I also converted Aparna to BAGGU, so I'm pretty sure I'm getting extra brownie points with the BAGGU gods.  

No, I'm not affiliated with BAGGU, but I would gladly accept free BAGGU bags. Or a discount. Whatever. I'm down.

This brings me to this factoid:

I'm ready to continue to embrace my BAGGU hoarding with these awesome new designs.


  1. These are such gorgeous reusable bags! The usual ones I see are the boring, solid coloured bags with the grocery store's name printed on it. Thanks for sharing these cute BAGGU bags!!

  2. Yeah people can expect BAGGU bags as birthday and Christmas presents this year. I'm spreading the joy!

  3. Good idea, Nate! If I were having a wedding registry, I would register at BAGGU for different sets. Then I would be on the next episode of Hoarders. :)

  4. I recently bought a BAGGU backpack, and i have to say it's really cute!! They're so affordable too. btw, I am a new follower of your blog! I love it please keep it up :) cheers!