Friday, August 19, 2011

Hot Lava

Traveler in Vintage Rose Garden
Top: BDG from Urban Outfitters
Jeggings: Gap
Boots: Dingo, vintage from 20twentyvintage

Traveler in Vintage Rose Garden

Friends, I am reporting to you with a runny nose and a mad cough.

I'm not sick.

I inhaled some of my Bun Bo Hue. See Exhibit A.

Bun Bo Hue for breakfast at the desk
Exhibit A: Straight from my desk.

It is so spicy. I couldn't finish half of the bowl from last night's date night because my lips were so red and burning that Boy suggested that I stop before I die.

I saved the rest of the torture for this morning.

I'm not sure when I started to enjoy really spicy foods. I remember as a kid, I asked my mom put ice in my Bun Bo Hue. She also had to wash off the buffalo sauce from my hot wings.

Now I add extra cayenne to my hot wings and like my soups straight from the volcano.


In other news, what are you doing this weekend? It is storming in Pittsburgh as we speak, so that pretty much puts a damper (hah!) on any plans to have picnics in the park (we don't even do that).

Tonight we're going to see Britney Spears!!

Wait. That's not enough enthusiasm.

For more enthusiasm, see Exhibit B. 

Exhibit B: Straight from G-chat.

The guys were not nearly as enthused.

We could not understand why.

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  1. bun bo hue yum!! recipe please :p