Friday, August 26, 2011

How do I pee?

Baby Ruche in Blue Turquoise
Top: Vintage, Dear Golden Vintage
Dress: Lamixx (it's a skirt I wear as a strapless maxi dress)

Boy's mom is in town. That means lots of wedding planning this weekend! And by wedding planning, I mean lots of nodding my head and agreeing while I stuff my face with home-cooked Indian food.

Last night, Aparna, Momzie (to differentiate from my Mom) and I sat down and talked wedding.

The following were my responses:

1. "Oh, I'm wearing yellow instead?", "Pretty!", "Loves!"
2. "India!",  "Italiano!",  "Vietnamese!",  "Chinese!",  "Buffet!!!"
3. "Oh yeah. Group rates for hotels." 
4. "I want a helmet of jewelry, pleaseTHANK!"
5. "I want sleeves! Can we do sleeves?"
6. "Can I leave my fingertips blank?"
7. "Just the pointer and thumb."
8. "How else do I take out my contacts?"
9. "How do I pee?"
10. "Will it stain my sheets?"
11. "Yes! Cake tasting!"
12. "Dilly Dally Dally Krisha!"

Baby Ruche in Blue Turquoise

The following are explanations:

1. My Mehndi/Sangeet outfit will be yellow/pink instead of blue.  Equally as pretty!
2. Referring to all the catering we'll have for the 3-day event.
3. My only duty for the entire wedding planning.
4. Referring to the amount of jewelry I want to wear at the ceremony.
5-10. Referring to mehndi. This was obviously my biggest concern. While I will not be allowed to use bridal henna as a way to live out my desire for a sleeve of tattoos, we agreed it will go midway up my forearm. I have to keep the henna on all night, which means I probably will need someone to take out my contacts...and help me potty. Yes, it will stain my sheets.
11. We don't want a big wedding cake, rather an assortment of our favorite desserts. But cake tastings are still in order.
12. I can't sing in Hindi (or any other language besides English, forthatmatter), so I just make up my own lyrics to the tune of Bollywood songs when I need to convey my excitement in song. To make things more legit, I tag a Hindu god at the end of a line.

It's a crowd pleaser.


  1. haha jeez, just rub it in! maybe you can help plan mine with all these extra time on your hands ;)

  2. Ohhh yeah. You ARE planning your wedding, aren't ya? I actually would probably be WAY more involved with the wedding planning if I wasn't so involved in the shop. Butttt, since the holiday rush is coming (you better be preparing, too!)...gotta prioritize.