Thursday, August 4, 2011

I've been absent...

Grilling for lunch

Please excuse my absence, friends. I've been cleaning and organizing the studio and my home.  Once in a blue moon, I enter what is called The Cleaning Zone. It's unstoppable, so I let it run its course. Boy likes this.

You see, ever since Anna of Doorsixteen mentioned this beautiful home for sale in her neighborhood, I got into this, "I want a house!" frenzy.

I browsed homes for sale in Pittsburgh. 
I fell in love with this one*.
I proposed it to Boy.
He liked it, but told me we're not buying now.
I asked for a new dining table instead.
He agreed to one before the wedding.
I said yay.

While this may sound like a really good tactic for getting things, I found that I don't want to buy a home (at least not yet). I just want to feel like I'm at home.

And a homey home for me is a clean home.

Thus, I went through all my belongings and split them into three piles:
1. Keep
2. Toss
3. Donate

It took 6 hours to clear out our general closet (12.25sqft).

1.55% of our loft.

At this point, you're probably thinking, "Okay, so what's that picture have to do with this post?"

I'm glad you asked.

I am cooped up at home all day working that going to the kitchen to prepare food really bums me out. Mainly because the kitchen has a clear view to the studio, which reminds me of all the work I need to do (downside of having your studio in the living room). So I am taking my food prep outside to the grills in the pool area of our apartment. Yeah. Way better with a view to the Allegheny.  Behind me, the view to the apartment and pool.

Bonus: Saving $$$ on our next electricity bill!

*They kept the original chalkboard from when it was South Side Schoolhouse. So cute, right?

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