Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Q: Are you still getting married?

Mehndi Party + Sangeet
Mehndi + Sangeet

I've received a few emails from some of my readers worried/curious/excited about my upcoming marriage thing. I thought I would answer some of those questions here, just in case you're wondering, too.

Q: Are you still getting married? You haven't mentioned anything about it lately.
A: Yes I am! Thank you for reminding me. I haven't mentioned it because I sort of forgot I was planning a wedding. (I've been preparing for Renegade Chicago lately.)

Q: When is your wedding? Have you been busy planning?
A: October 21-23, 2011. It's a three-day party. Like Woodstock. Minus everything except the music*. I haven't been busy planning, actually (see above statement). 

Q: What have you done so far?
A: I made and sent out invitations. Then I booked a photographer.

Boy actually had a dream last night. He said that we were at our reception with all of our family, but we forgot to call caterers and the place wasn't decorated and we were all panicking.

Correction! Boy read my blog and told me that his dream was that we were at our reception with all of our family, but we forgot to get married and we were panicking.  Apparently, I'm an awesome listener.

He suggested we spend this weekend sorting all the details of our wedding. See? I didn't have to push him at all. His subconscious did it for me without me whispering things in his ear while he slept.

My biggest contribution will be designing the mandap for the ceremony and decorating for the reception at Boy's family home. It will be an Indian + Vietnamese fusion. Lots of colors and lots of silk.

Wedding Ceremony

Q: Will you be wearing traditional Indian outfits?
A: Yes! I'm really excited about this because white makes me look fat, so I'm glad I lucked out with an Indian husband.

My future MIL, SIL and I worked together to design the outfits and they are being made now in Mumbai.

But really...I said a bunch of things that I wanted, MIL and SIL looked at me all cross-eyed, then future husband stepped in and said, "Yuck." "No." "You'll look like a turtle." "More midrift." and all of a sudden my ideas transformed into Boy's beautiful vision of how I should look for our wedding. The guy's got raw designer talent. None of my ideas were used.  I'm not good at dressing myself.

Boy picked out all the colors and described the vision.
MIL designed all the details.
SIL and I played scrabble on her iPad.

Q: What are you wearing for your wedding?
A: I don't have the outfits yet, so I don't even know! But I made some visuals so we can visualize together!

1. Mehndi + Sangeet: Blues + Silver
2. Wedding Ceremony: Reds + Gold
3. Reception: Pinks + Silver

Q: Where are you going for your honeymoon?
A: What do you call a honeymoon where you stay home and prepare your shop for the holiday season?

Image sources: a, b, c, d, e, f.  See more of my wedding inspiration on Pinterest.

*We both come from families centered around music and singing, so there will be lots of it all three days. We're excited. We love music.


  1. I can't wait to see pictures of you in your beautiful outfits!

  2. what beautiful inspirational photos! Cannot wait to *hopefully* see your own beautiful pics!!

    It will all come together swimmingly!

    As always love visiting your site...oh and um cannot wait to see the items you will be getting ready for the holidays ;o)

  3. I'll definitely post pictures! :) :)

  4. October! That's really soon! I think that's the perfect time of year for a wedding. And this post is cracking me up. You are so not the traditional bridezilla, Jenny (not that I thought you would be!). I can't wait to see pictures--I bet it's going to be a gorgeous occasion.

  5. Karen, I really thought that I would be a bridezilla --like it was something that instinctively kicked in for every woman when getting married. It never kicked in for me. :( Or rather, :)

  6. fun! fun!

    i know. i have poor taste in a lot of things in general, even dressing myself. before we walk out the door, i always ask the bf to see if i look ok. glad i have one that has a sense of style.

    i am excited for you guys. i am in awe of all cultures and their traditional clothing.