Friday, August 5, 2011

Tried and True

Mini Ruche in Dark Navy Leather

Dress: Sample from Lamixx
Cardigan: LOFT
Shoes: ModCloth
Earrings: PacSun

I'm thinking this is definitely something I can do each week. Like a, "What I Wore on Thursday Night to Date Night + Modeling a Bag from my Shop" blog entry.

I'll need a catchier title, though.

Based on last week's date night experience, we decided to go with our tried and true Vietnamese spot. I usually order the Bun Bo Hue. That I did. Though I asked for it to be a little less spicy. The owner shot a confused look at me. I know, right? I never adjust my orders. I always order this and eat it as it is. But but but. I was dressed up and didn't want snot and sweat dripping all over my outfit.

They delivered.
It was amazing.
As always.

I almost picked up the bowl to drink it up, but I decided it was not lady-like.

On a side note: I love these heels. They make me feel like a giant. Or a model. Though I'm only 5'7" in them, so I'm still short of model height. This is the closest I'll ever get. No, I take that back. I do have 6" heels. That gets me a little closer. Yes, indeed.


  1. Great outfit! I love that bag. I'm also loving the Loft great!
    Olivia, Lovely at Your Side

  2. you are so beautiful! wow! I love your dark eyes!

  3. Ruth, really?? I would LOVE to have your blue eyes!

  4. Jenny, you look so beautiful!!! -Keris

  5. So cute.. I can recognize that dress a mile away!