Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Chicago and Showers

Renegade Chicago Day 2
Renegade Chicago, Day 2 (with an emptier booth)

Don't be fooled by the title. It didn't rain in Chicago for the show this year (yay!).  I'll tell you about the shower thing later in the post.

Let's talk Chicago Renegade!

As you may remember, we were in Austin last year, and flew to Chicago for the first time. We made lots of mistakes, learned lots of lessons, but overall had a fun trip. This year, we drove from Pittsburgh (500 miles each way) and applied lots of the lessons learned into this trip. It turned out to be so much more fun and a lot more successful business-wise. We also met lots of ex-Pittsburghers, which was a super-bonus. We love Pittsburgh and love meeting people who used to live here and are still in love with the city.

Chicago still loves the Briefcase, so I made sure to have lots in stock. Time well-spent!

Speaking of the Briefcase.

I got the best testimonial from a customer who purchased a Briefcase at Renegade Chicago last year.  He's a student at Northwestern and heavily uses his Briefcase. Well. "Heavily uses" is an understatement. The Briefcase has been through war and back.

He came by the booth this year to let me know how he's been enjoying his bag.

His Briefcase in Chestnut Brown...
...survived the Chicago blizzards.
...lived through all the salt, snow and wind of the Chicago winter.
...wiped clean after a long hiking trip.
...endured a small scratch when he was hit by a bus while riding his bike (he and his laptop are intact).
...easily carried his Yorkie on some summer days. a great bag for carrying his laptop and books. still in great condition! sold out, but this one is a great durable one for guys (and gals)!

"Well, we certainly won't recommend all those things to customers, but we'll gladly take the testimonial!" said Boy after Customer told us his story.

And we did. And now you know.

Moral: Be careful with your Briefcase around buses. You may scratch the leather. :)

With the show out of the way, I've been thinking about wedding stuff non-stop.  So much so that I had a dream last night that it was the day of the wedding and I wasn't sure if I had showered or not. I spent the entire dream trying to entertain guests and timing when or if I should take a shower.

I wonder if the lack of showering last week has caught up in my dreams...?

I could use some pampering right about now. Like, a long bath next to some scented candles. Or just a normal shower. With soap. Or a nice salt scrub.

Speaking of long baths with candles, soaps and salt scrubs!

I have a surprise for you on Friday.  It involves candles, soaps and salt scrubs. That's all I'll tell you now. Because it's a surprise.

See you Friday!


p.s. It's a giveaway. There. I said it. Come back, OK?


  1. can't wait hope it is international so I can enter !

  2. looks like you and boy had a lot of fun =)