Friday, September 2, 2011

Pajamas and Heels

Top: American Eagle via TJ Maxx
Leggings: Lamixx*
Heels: Aldo

You guys.

I cleared out one of the windowsills in our apartment because I had this idea to do a fancy high-fashion photo shoot while posing with six-inch heels and a bag and let the light shine through my semi-see-through top. I was going to be a sexy goddess. It was a genius plan.

Except. Body Pump class killed me.

I have been limping for the past two days, and I can hardly lift my arms above chest-level. I already had a hard time getting dressed, so when the heels went on, immediately my gluts were like, "Oh nu uh girlfriend, I don't think so. Sit back down, sista!" (Because my butt cheeks talk and all.)

Mini Ruche in Coffee Bean So I sat.

On Boy's big comfy reading chair.

I'm sure he will kill me when he sees that I dug my heels in his chair. But my quads were really sore and I couldn't keep my legs (which were six inches longer than normal thanks to the heels) up high enough. Sorry babe! I love you! ;)

The things I do for a good photo shoot.

Though if you're wondering, I did wear this outfit, but with flats. Like. Really. Comfy. Flats.

Mini Ruche in Coffee Bean
Besides the heels, the outfit feels like pajamas.


*If you haven't noticed already, I own practically everything from Lamixx. I even have a section in my closet dedicated to Jacqueline's clothing line.


  1. I think they look great! And I want the bag and the outfit!

  2. rawr...

    Although it kinda reminds me of the "*eff your couch!!!" skit by dave chappelle.

  3. haha i can totally commiserate on the aching legs! flats for time being ;)

  4. You look great Jenny but 6" heels! I'm in pain just thinking about them!

  5. I love lamixx as well. I literally wear my dolman sweater all of the time, it's just so comfy!

  6. Hi Jenny!

    What a sweet post, look at you modeling the leggings.. amazing so pretty!

    Thank you for all your support.. <3 you!