Monday, November 7, 2011

Gift Guide: For the Holiday Hostess

We never made a wedding registry because I (impulsively) buy everything I want need for the kitchen and home.  I'm a little obsessed with kitchen gadgets and kitchen decor.  By little I mean a lot.  Now that the wedding is over and we have a little cash to spend, I'm we're compiling my our post-wedding registry to gift myself ourselves after our move to the 'burbs.

We're moving? Why, yes. I forgot to tell you. 

a.  Organic Batik Table Runner, $50, Margot Bianca
b.  Vintage Crystal Ice Bucket, $38, Rhapsody Attic
c.  Glittered Pinecone with Custom Sash, $9.75, Potter + Butler
d.  Farmhouse Cutting Board, $65, Red Onion Woodworks
e.  Vintage Mid Century Modern Bowls, $24, Solstice Home

If you saw my recent post on my Facebook page, you'll know that we've been preparing for our move into a house!  We didn't buy it, sadly.  We're renting it.  It's actually Boy's family home in the suburbs near Pittsburgh.  His parents moved to Chicago (for work) shortly after we moved to Pittsburgh. While it was really sad news, I kind of really extremely love their cottagey home and was overjoyed to move in.

For practical purposes, it was a good decision because our one-bedroom apartment in the city kind of turned into Jenny N. Design studio rather than a home.  Boy and Hubert don't have any space to themselves.  We moved Boy's drumset to the house because I needed the space for my leather and equipment.  We moved Hubert into a small nook under one of my sewing tables because I needed his space for another drawer set for tools.

Poor boys?  Fine.  Pity the boys...

But what about my growing business? ;)

Well, there's a large unfinished basement in the house (about the size of our apartment), which means I get to renovate it and make it my studio! You know how much I love renovating.  And claiming space.  :)

Are you wondering about this gift guide, by the way?

I am wondering why I wrote a novel before even mentioning it.

Well, moving, in my mind, means "time to make a list of things to buy for the new home!".  So I put some items on the list to get for our new home.  My if-I-had-made-a-registry-for-the-wedding-this-is-what-I-would-have-put-on-it kind of list.

This is the first of many lists -- this one is for the kitchen and entertaining.

You can see more things on my list for the kitchen/entertaining here.

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  1. Thanks for the shout out, Jenny! Good luck with the move.