Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Gift Guide: For the Man Cave

I'm pretty sure it was a bad idea to introduce Boy to HGTV, but he's excited to claim his man cave in the new home.   He has requested a "Hubert-and-Jenny-Free Zone" where he can shut the door to read, listen to music and drum without interruption.

a. Lion Silhouette Paintings, $240 (set of 4), Ricky Colson
b. Vintage Poker Chip Carousel with Chips, $178, ReFindery
c. Vintage Travel Bar,  $75, 5th Street Bazaar

Considering how annoying Hubert and I can be when we want his attention, it's a fair request, I guess.

I shall grant it.

d. Vintage School Clock, $46, GoreeLane
e. Vintage Leather Briefcase, $78, SmallEarthVintage
f. Vintage Porcelain Bulldog, $14, KissaVintageDesign

But what's a man cave without some manly essentials like a boss lion painting, travel bar and some man-cessories?

It's not a man cave at all, my friends.

Not at all.

You can see more manly additions here.

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  1. Love it! Thanks for including my travel bar in this set! Save 10% during the month of November with the coupon code BAZAARFAV10 at