Monday, November 21, 2011

Wedding: Photos (Part III)

Last of the wedding photos!

In this series, you'll see:
Me receiving some money money moneeeey. And an orange.
Us feeding the fire with ghee.
Us circling the fire pit and me burning puffed rice.
Us saying our vows as we step on piles of rice (ouch!).
Me crying.
My parents-in-law happy to see that I'm crying.
Boy comforting me and holding my hand and saying something sweet that makes me cry more.
Me getting a mangalsutra (equivalent to a wedding ring), which is presented with the married women of Boy's side of the family.
Said women whispering something to me in Sanskrit...probably some advice on dealing with my new husband.
Aparna trying to untie our little love knot.
My brother pinching Boy's ear and telling him to take care of his little sister (hilarious!).
Us as a married couple!
The end!

I hope you enjoyed all the pictures from our wedding.
It was so much fun sharing all of them with you! :)


p.s. Revisit Part I, Part II and The Details (including our budget and how we spent it!)


  1. I love it--such wonderful moments, and the photographs are gorgeous!

  2. Congratulations! You look absolutely gorgeous!
    After a long time I saw some Indian Wedding pictures and it made me reminisce about our wedding.
    BTW, came here via your etsy shop, you have some really nice bags over there!