Friday, December 30, 2011

2011 Recap

This year was a special year for my business and my life.
New things, improved things, and experiencing important things. :)

Let's start from the beginning...

01. Introduced the Mini Ruche, a smaller alternative to the Baby Ruche.

02. Reinforced the Briefcase, minimizing saggy bottoms!

03. Boy and I raised $2,136 for Together for Japan, our initiative to help those affected in the earthquake in Japan... thanks to your support!

04. Started my addiction for reading books written by comedians. Started with Tina Fey. Followed by Demetri Martin, Mindy Kaling and Ellen DeGeneres. More book reviews to follow.

05. Experienced my largest business loss to date. Very valuable learning experience.

06. Clutch had a makeover and transformed into the  Foldover Clutch

07. Introduced the Packet.

08. Started and ended my series of outfit posts.  Dressing up was too much work. :(

09. Had a blast at Chicago Renegade (as always).

10. Married my best friend and better half.

11.  Moved into our new home, bought lots of stuff, shopped for lots of gifts.

12. Enjoyed the holidays at home with family. :)

What are your plans for the new year?

I can imagine a fun night dressing up, ordering in food, and drinking sparkling wine while watching the ball drop on TV. :)

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