Friday, December 2, 2011

Gift Guide: For the Coffee Lover

It would be an understatement to say that I come from a family of coffee lovers.  Coffee addicts.  There was an intervention.  And caffeine withdrawals.  Then relapse. 

I'm not really in the coffee addict category (yet). I am more of a creamy-icy-blended-drink-with-a-bit-of-coffee-in-it type.

My brother is a "drink it black or die!" type.

My parents sprinkle in a little cream and sugar.

I'm sure the uber-love will come with age. (Just as it did for my brother at a very young age. Much younger than I am now. But who knows. It'll happen. I'm sure.)

If you know a coffee lover (or a liker, doesn't have to be too extreme), they might find these gifts quite delightful!

A. Facebook Mug, Like It, $16, LennyMud
C. Vintage wooden coffee grinder, $30, Bridgewood Place
D. Coffee coaster set, $16, girls can tell
E. Coffee fridge magnets (6), $7.50, Piping Hot Papers
F. Mint Mocha holiday soap, $5.50, Roots Soap Co.

You can see more coffee lover gifts in my Etsy treasury.

Happy weekend!


  1. I have the banjo coasters from Girls Can Tell--we use them literally every day and LOVE them! Great gift idea.

  2. I like my coffee black, too! And I rather prefer DARK ROAST than any roast. However, I am open minded and do drink w/ flavor =D I love the magnets! I might have to buy that for my kitchen =) (It's a "coffee" theme).

  3. Jean, I admire your ability to drink coffee black. I've tried. I can't. But at least I tried. I actually have a set of birdy magnets from this shop on my fridge, super cute!

  4. Great mix of items! I especially love the magnets.