Thursday, December 1, 2011

Gift Guide: For the Designer

We finished renovating the basement for my studio last weekend.  Now, I'm gathering all my things to move in this weekend!  I'm really excited to move into a larger space.  Sure, it's a basement.  It has two teeny tiny windows that receive little to no sunlight.  I may become a vampire working down there.  But it's a larger space and I desperately need space more than sunlight.

I will miss my current studio (our living room) that has two 10ft windows (Our apartment has 14 ft ceilings. I will miss this, too.) and gets lots to sunlight.  It's a trade off.

30 sqft of work space + dining table for my work bench + hallway for storage?
Or 470 sqft of space that's all mine?

Yeah.  You got it.

Since it's really dark down there, we brightened it up with some paint.  We didn't really think any colors through (I am an equal opportunity color lover) before heading to Home Depot.  The only requirement was that it needed to be bright and in the warm color spectrum.  We just kinda browsed the swatches and chose one on a whim...without testing it on the wall....  Good idea?  We'll see.  :)

All I can think about are all the cute things I want to get for my new office.

These would make perfect gifts for a designer.  Or me.  Just sayin'.

A. Wallclock, $49, Art is Everything
B. Candlestrip Candle Holder, $30 (on sale!), A+R Store
C. Iwako Zoo Panda Eraser, $0.99, JetPens
D. Desk Organizer, $59, lessandmore
E. Anything Tape Dispenser, $39, Unica Home
F. Orange First Aid Pillow Cover, $20, pillowhappy
G. Retro Wall Shelf, $69, PIGandFISH

Yes, I'll post pictures of the new studio when I'm all moved in.
And they'll be before and afters! :)


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  1. How exciting! Looking forward to seeing photos.