Monday, December 5, 2011

Gift Guide: Warm & Cozy For Her

I'm going to precede the following post with the fact that today is the LAST DAY to order Made to Order bags in time for Christmas arrival.  After today, I can't guarantee that Made to Order purchases will arrive in time for Christmas.  Even if you beg.  I shan't accept it.  

Now back to our regularly scheduled blog post...

I have a lot of outerwear. But like my thoughts on handbags, shoes, kitchen gadgets and knives... you can never really have too many [insert object of desire here] outerwear pieces.

Unfortunately, that argument doesn't work with Boy since he has prohibited me from purchasing outerwear until I donate some of my winter coats...

So I'm secretly buying sweaters and hats and gloves and stashing them in my moving boxes, then they'll be stored in my super secret spots in my new studio and he'll never know.  He'll likely notice some really cute new things I'm wearing and ask "Hey cute stuff! When did you get that?" and I'll likely respond, "Oh...this old thing?" and bat my eyelashes. *

Jenny is sneaky sneaky.  Yes, she is.

A.  Wool winter coat, $118, FM908 on Etsy
B.  Faux fur trapper hat, $34.50, AE (I have this in cream, and I love it!)
C.  Bowtied leather gloves, $78, Anthropologie
D.  Knit wool socks, $20, Tatiana Orlova on Etsy
E.  Big ol' Bow ear warmers, $44, YesJess on Etsy
F.  Leopard scarf, $59.50, J.Crew

* What actually happens is that I fess up my guilty purchases at the end of the day when Boy comes home from work... JUST as I'm presenting him with a wonderfully prepared dinner of one of his favorites.  He'll let out a deep sigh and come to terms with the fact that nobody puts Baby in a corner.

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