Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New Things for 2012

Images from Heidi Adnum (author of this book!)

Recognize a little something something on the back cover of this book?

I've contributed a little bit of photo-taking knowledge in this book by Heidi Adnum.

I'll be getting my copy sometime soon so I can share it with you! :)

Besides the cool book feature, I've got a handful of good news about the business to share for this year. In the meantime, please excuse my lack of posts, as I am a little short on time and brain capacity to blog while getting all these things sorted out at the same time!



  1. oh congrats! that's a a plus! you do take great photos! the bf and i always talk about a quality of a pic when we look at menus online, lol.

  2. Hi Jenny, Email me at and I'll make sure we send you a copy of the book asap.