Monday, January 30, 2012

Our Wedding Album

A few pages from our wedding album from Pinhole Press. I bought these for my parents and in-laws for Christmas and I made another copy for Boy's relatives in India. We're absolutely floored with the quality of the printing from this company.

I totally want to make more albums! Living in such a digital world, I've completely forgotten about the nostalgia of flipping through physical pages of a photo album.

I just need more stuff to photograph now...

p.s. Photos from the wedding ceremony


  1. That's a beautiful book! You're so right: I think it's important to keep the "touch" element in things like these. It makes it all that much more special.

  2. so beautiful <3

    i know. i've thought about doing more photo books b/c if you look at it, it's probably cheaper. photo albums can be up to $20 alone w/o the digital photos.