Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Perfect Pair

I'm looking for a pair of neutral-ish shoes to go with my new bag, the Packet in Chai Latte.  I was making an order + the rest of the bags in this leather and one of them didn't turn out too well. I thought about offering it in the shop with a heavy discount, but I quickly decided that I needed a new bag (the last time I gave myself a bag was last January! It was the Mini Ruche in Black). And you thought I kept every other bag!

Now I'm looking for the perfect shoes to go with the bag (Not that I need a specific pair of shoes to match this bag --it will pretty much go with everything I have. But who said I need to make excuses not to shop?).

I usually go for pairs like B, C, and E.  But I know Boy will not allow it because they are similar to what I have in my current collection.  And seriously. Jenny. Let's be more practical about shoe-shopping. For once.

Here I go. I'm talking to myself.

WHICH! is why I am leaning towards something a little more menswear-meets-womenswear-but-with-a-little-bit-of-heel-because-let's-face-it-being-5'2"-with-a-really-long-torso-and-stubby-legs-is-not-so-exciting-in-flats-and-life-is-way-more-fun-with-the-possibility-of-a-sprained-ankle-in-4"-heels. A is my top pick right now, but D looks so airy and fun. I wish the heel were at least one thousand* inches taller, though.

*Side note: I say one thousand the same way Kristen Wiig says, "Just one thouuuuuuuuusand more songs, Mr. Meyers! Please, please, please! Mr. Meyers!" in "Garth and Kat" on SNL.

Okay, leaning towards D... since it's on sale.  A sale justifies everything.

I hope you learned a valuable lesson from all of this.

p.s. Another conversation in my head about buying shoes. This is not a new thing.


  1. A! I absolutely LOVE wingtips right now.

    1. I know, right?! I've totally been looking at so many wingtip things, I want to start adding brogueing to all the bags I make. I have to think about it longer, now.

  2. Holy crap I'm in shoe lust.

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