Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Dumpling Obsession

Boy was talking to his mom on the phone earlier this week and I heard him say, "Oh, she made some dumplings for dinner. They were awesome!"

Okay. So. For the past few weeks everyone (Boy, brother-in-law, and sister-in-law) has been telling my mother-in-law that I've been making "dumplings" and totally not describing them at all.  MIL probably thinks I'm feeding her family the same dumplings every day for the past month.

I wish these people were more descriptive.

In my defense, when I figure out new cooking techniques, I tend to obsess over them and try a bunch of new things with said technique. This past month, it has been stuffing everything in a wonton wrapper, boiling it, and serving it with some sort of soup or sauce:

(parenthesis indicates what went into the wonton wrapper; they were put in a food processor before stuffing into wontons)

1. (salmon + green onion + cilantro) + potato soup* = salmon ravioli
2. (beef + onion + Italian seasoning) + pasta sauce = beef ravioli
3. (chicken + green onion + cilantro + onion) + [chicken broth + seasame oil] = chicken wonton soup
4. (tofu + cabbage + carrot + cilantro) + [veggie broth + miso paste] = vegetarian wonton soup
5. (shrimp + cabbage + carrot + cilantro) + fried in oil = shrimp and vegetable gyoza
6. (spinach + cheese) + potato soup = awesomeness

*I make my potato soup by dicing and boiling potatoes, celery, onion and carrot in chicken broth, then blending it with a stick blender until smooth. Then I add a little milk and salt to taste.

So you can see, I've fed these people a variety of items in the form of wontons which I've folded in various ways to keep it interesting.

I don't get enough credit.

Oh, why is the image above of sushi? I didn't take any pictures of my wonton phase.

And sushi is my newest obsession. :)

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  1. Glad I could help! Yes, ruts are the worst. Then I saw a bunch of wonton wrappers at the grocery store and started with the salmon ravioli. I had a lot leftover and the obsession began. :)