Thursday, February 16, 2012

Join: The Excessory Club

Dear Friends,

I have some of the very best customers ever.  So much so, that I started an unofficial free shipping club some time ago when I noticed a handful of customers who regularly come back (like super(!!!) regularly) and shop with me.  These ladies have been so supportive in my wee little business -- I wanted to return the favor.

Then, I wanted something a bit more official.  Something with tiers and involved some software development.  That's where Boy came into play.  He was extremely supportive and helpful in developing a tool for a Jenny N. rewards program, which he cleverly named "The Excessory Club". Yeah, that was his idea.  I was just going to go with "Jenny N. Rewards Program".

Did I mention that he named the Packet? Yeah, he's a good one that one.

Well, it's finally ready for reveal!

We hope you love it.

Jenny & Boy

* Double Discount Days: Receive double the percentage discount on regular sale days!
For example: a shop-wide sale of 10% off means you get 20% off!  Look at you --so fancy and cool.

Fine Print

1. Starting January 1, 2012, every Jenny N. bag purchase you make will be added to your personal Excessory Club total.  When your total reaches one of the tiers above, you will begin to receive the rewards of that tier.  Your rewards will begin when you make the tier-reaching purchase and benefits last for 1 year.  Any purchases made while belonging to one tier will continue to add to your Excessory Club total until you reach the next tier.  Upon reaching the next tier, your 1 year reward period will renew for the newly-reached tier.

2. Your Excessory Club total does not include shipping charges.

3. Terms are subject to change.  You'll be notified of any changes!

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