Monday, February 27, 2012

Ricky Colson

My first love of art came with painting.  I remember in 1st grade, I told my mom that when I grew up, I would be a painter.  Even though I got the (typical Asian parent) response, "Sure! You can be a painter on the side when you're a brain surgeon!", it didn't really stop me from pursuing a future in art (16 years later).  I'm not a painter now, nor am I a brain surgeon, but I'm proud to know some really great painters!  (Even though I am a little envious of their profession.)  :)

I've mentioned Ricky Colson before.  While I'm a huge fan of his highly-detailed paintings playing with size and scale, I am really loving his new series of paintings and prints featuring animal silhouettes!

He's got an Etsy shop, too! 

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  1. OMG! Just got here via A Cup of Jo and I'm overwhelmed with your works. You both are very talented. Wow.